Thermal Properties of Lanthanum

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Thermal Properties of Lanthanum

Specific Heat
0.19 J/(kg K)

Molar Heat Capacity
27.11 J/mol·K

Thermal Conductivity
13.40 W/m·K

Critical Temperature
Not Available

Thermal Expansion
12.10 µm/(m·K)

Enthalpy of Lanthanum

Enthalpy of Vaporization
399.60 kJ/mol

Enthalpy of Fusion
6.20 kJ/mol

Enthalpy of Atomization
431.00 kJ/mol

Standard Molar Entropy
56.90 J/mol.K

Thermodynamics of Lanthanum

Thermodynamics of Lanthanum explains the effect of temperature on this metal. Thermal properties of Lanthanum describe concepts like of specific heat, molar heat capacity, thermal conductivity, critical temperature, enthalpy, etc. These properties play an important role in understanding the phenomenon of thermodynamics. The behavior like ductility, magnetic ordering and viscosity are governed by thermodynamic characteristics of the metal.

The enthalpy of Lanthanum has some variants like enthalpy of vaporization, fusion and atomization. Their values are enthalpy of vaporization 399.60 kJ/mol, enthalpy of fusion 6.20 kJ/mol, and 431.00 kJ/mol respectively.

Specific Heat of Lanthanum

The specific heat of Lanthanum is 0.19 J/(kg K). When the specific amount of heat is applied to this metal, some structural and behavioral changes occur and those changes are known as the thermal properties of Lanthanum metal. Molar heat capacity of Lanthanum is 27.11 J/mol·K. The critical temperature is the temperature at & above which the vapor of the metal cannot be liquefied, no matter after how much extra pressure is applied on it. But the value for Lanthanum critical temperature is 0.19 J/(kg K).

Thermal Conductivity of Lanthanum

The thermal conductivity of Lanthanum is 13.40 W/m·K. Its thermal conductivity is an ability of this metal to conduct heat. Metals which have high thermal conductivity are used as a heat transfer medium and in heat sinks, while those with low thermal conductivity are used for thermal insulation. The thermal expansion of Lanthanum is 12.10 µm/(m·K). All these thermal properties of Lanthanum are related to the change in temperature or effect of heat and have a considerable impact on Magnetic Properties of Lanthanum.