Physical Properties of Lanthanum

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Physical Properties of Lanthanum

Melting Point
920.00 °C

Boiling Point
3,469.00 °C

Appearance of Lanthanum

Physical State

Silvery White


Hardness of Lanthanum

Mohs Hardness

Brinell Hardness
350.00 MPa

Vickers Hardness
360.00 MPa

Speed of Sound
2,475.00 m/s

Optical Properties

Refractive Index
Not Available

Not Available


α Allotropes
Not Available

β Allotropes
Not Available

γ Allotropes
Not Available

Lanthanum Physical Properties

These properties are defined majorly by observations or with a measuring instrument and are referred as surface or physical properties. Lanthanum physical properties are one of the most important properties of this metal. Physical properties of Lanthanum include melting point, boiling point, mechanical strength, optical properties and its appearance. We have tried to include all physical and Chemical Properties of Lanthanum metal here.

Melting Point of Lanthanum

The melting point is a fundamental parameter that constitutes the physical properties of Lanthanum. Melting point of Lanthanum is the temperature at which it changes from its solid state to a liquid state, at constant atmospheric conditions. Generally, the term 'melting point' and 'freezing point' are used interchangeably, depending on the state change. Simplifying, if the metal is heated from its solid state to a liquid state by supplying heat, melting point is referred, while during cooling (heat removal) when the metal turns solid from its liquid state the term freezing point is used. Lanthanum's melting point is 920.00 °C.

Boiling Point of Lanthanum

Boiling point of Lanthanum is the temperature at which it changes from a liquid state into vapors at constant atmospheric pressure. Lanthanum boiling point is 3,469.00 °C. Interestingly, there are few parameters that can alter this behavior. Have you ever surprisingly noticed why water boils sooner at your trek base camps, where the altitude is few thousand meters above the sea level? It is because, the boiling point is generally influenced by factors like altitude, pressure, molecule size and the concentration. Those phenomena are covered under the Lanthanum. Lanthanum melting point & its boiling point are two very prominent aspects of its physical properties. Speed of Sound of Lanthanum is 2,475.00 m/s

Lanthanum Element Appearance

The appearance is the primary consideration when it comes to making sculptures and designs. Physical properties of Lanthanum also include Lanthanum Element appearance which means how this metal appears at room temperature. Few metals are lustrous while few others are not. Few metals have shiny silver/metalic color, few others are reddish brown while few have a yellowish gloss. All these factors explain the overall look of the metal surface. Lanthanum metal at room temperature is in Solid state and has Silvery White with NA luster and finish of the outer surface. Knowing further, the physical properties also affect the Atomic Structure of Lanthanum.

Optical properties and Hardness of Lanthanum (La)

Optical properties and hardness of Lanthanum (La) include phenomenon such as refractive index, reflectivity, different hardness scales. Refractive index of Lanthanum is Not Available. Hardness of Lanthanum is its ability to resist compression force applied externally. Hardness of Lanthanum metal according to Mohs Hardness, Brinell Hardness and Vickers Hardness is 2.50, 350.00 MPa and 360.00 MPa respectively. All these characteristics of Lanthanum are also called as the physical properties of Lanthanum.